Just Right TV Productions is a full-service media production company providing high quality HD video projects to clients in New Jersey and beyond. We are a one-stop-shop encompassing all aspects of project planning, pre-production, camera work, virtual sets, editing, post-production, duplication and deployment.

Located in the Mid – Atlantic, our firm has built a solid reputation by providing high quality HD video projects to various government, corporate, private sector, and non-profit clients. Each Just Right TV employee member brings many years of experience to the job. This has enabled our team to master the wide range of skills needed to offer our clients the full gamut of video production and web based services.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, customer service and are dedication to the delivery of the highest quality of work and attention to details while using absolutely the latest technologies. We welcome client and stakeholder involvement at every stage to ensure expectations and needs are met; all the while seeing that your investment is sensibly priced.

Our clients see firsthand how dedicated our company is to the art of video production. This is evident through our project management processes, collaborative client commitment, innovative creative approaches, and leading-edge technology. Thru Just Right TV’s history with live events and live broadcast we particularly suited to be able to adhere to tight production schedules, and providing high-quality projects on time and on budget.

Our true passion for the craft of visual story telling, combined with our depth of experience and expertise, enables us to provide outstanding services and results to our clients.

We hope that you find this level of commitment valuable as well. If you do, that is why you should choose us!