Just Right TV Productions LLC is fortunate to know a number of remarkably successful people and organizations. We also share a number of their practices, habits and beliefs. The following is Part 8 of an ongoing, 10-week series of what Just Right TV believes in.

Step 8: Just Right TV Knows What It Means to “Stay Ahead of the Curve”

Spin that propeller on your beanie.

We as a communications company are guilty of being technically adept and can even be considered GEEKY.

This characteristic used to be referred to as “staying ahead of the curve” or “being on the cutting edge”.

Today’s consumer accepts this as the new normal and has high expectations about where they think information should be. If you are offering a good or service and it’s message is not where the consumer expects to find it, the consumer will go elsewhere.

In days gone by, communication took place around that technological breakthrough known as “the community campfire.” We are social animals. We depend on communication for our sanity. Today’s social media and electronic marketing instinctively draw us toward the warm glow of several different screen sizes… but the art of crafting a message hasn’t really changed over the years, just the method of delivery.

Coinciding with the competition for our attention and our shrinking attention spans, we have also learned that shorter messages are better. Coinciding with our shrinking attention spans. Even Thomas Jefferson said “Don’t use two words when one will do…”

Successful people have always gotten their message across when it is a) where consumers expect it to be, b) when it is a message they can identify with and c)when it is crafted to the point.

We are not afraid to utilize all of media available, today or tomorrow, to that end.