Just Right TV Productions LLC is fortunate to know a number of remarkably successful people and organizations. We also share a number of their practices, habits and beliefs. The following is Part 7 of an ongoing, 10-week series of what Just Right TV believes in.

Step 7: Just Right TV Knows Selling is the Vehicle to Mutual Success

Selling seems to equal communicating. We have found that selling isn’t manipulating, pressuring, or cajoling. Selling is explaining the logic and benefits of a decision or position. Selling is convincing other people to work with you. Selling is overcoming objections and roadblocks. Creating a unique selling proposition that differentiates and enrolls others into the comfort zone that is that same philosophy.

Selling is the foundation of business and personal success: knowing how to negotiate, to deal with “no,” to maintain confidence and self-esteem in the face of rejection, to communicate effectively with a wide range of people, to build long-term relationships…

When you truly believe in your idea, or your company, or yourself, then you don’t need to have a huge ego or a huge personality.

Our best sales people are the customers we have already served.