Just Right TV Productions LLC is fortunate to know a number of remarkably successful people and organizations. We also share a number of their practices, habits and beliefs. The following is Part 5 of an ongoing, 10-week series of what Just Right TV believes in.

Step 5: Just Right TV Sees The End Before We Start…

We can all be visionaries. Average success is often based on setting average goals; AKA The Encouragement of Mediocrity.

Decide what you really want: to be the best, the fastest, the cheapest, the biggest, whatever. Aim for the ultimate. Decide where you want to end up. That is your goal.

Then we often can work backwards to lay out every step along the way.

Never start small where goals are concerned. Get it all out on the table. You’ll make better decisions–and find it much easier to work a lot harder–when your ultimate goal is ultimate success. Laser focus on that ultimate goal and the right communication vehicles to get there are the specialties we try to foresee for your project.