The videographers of Just Right TV Productions LLC in Southern NJ will always provide reliable, well maintained and dependable video equipment to the service of our contracts.

Our Video Production Services

  • 4K Mirrorless videography
  • Multicamera switching
  • Healthcare Training Videos
  • Healthcare Advertising Videos
  • Tourism Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Construction Documentation
  • Special Event Documentation and Live Coverage
  • Digital Signage
  • Tradeshow Video Creation and Display Consultations
  • Training and Compliance Video for Business, Corporations, Healthcare, etc.
  • Government Video (country, state, and local)
  • School Video Coverage
    • Student productions
    • Graduations
    • Meeting Coverage
    • Documentations
    • Education training
  • Political Campaign Videos (state and local)
  • Artist Performance Video
  • Image Magnification Video Services
  • Social Media Optimized Videos and Digital Video Marketing
  • Television Production
    • Commercials
    • Infomercials
    • TV shows
    • Video News Releases
    • Virtual Video Sets

Additional Services

Equipment That Sets Us Apart

4K Ultra High Definition is Just Right TV’s standard operating resolution end-to-end through our production pipeline. What exactly is 4k? Well… Ultra High Definition (referred to as 4k), is the latest technology in HDTV resolution. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) defines an Ultra HD television as one that displays at least 8 million active pixels, with a lower resolution boundary of at least 3,840 by 2,160. Here are a few visuals to help demonstrate this idea:



  • 4K is 24 times the data and quality of Standard Definition TV and 4 times the resolution and quality of High Definition.
  • From the biggest big screen to the smallest phone or tablet and every screen in between, everything looks better in 4K/UHD.
  • And, our 4K / UHD video production services are priced as sensibly as our HD services!

Other Equipment We Offer

  • The full line of Canon High Definition cameras and accessories are available for field acquisition on any production.
    • Includes the XL-H1 through the XH-A1s series
    • Includes lens option and attachments
  • We also offer the Blackmagic Cinema Camera perfect for weddings!
  • It is our policy to supply back-up camera equipment to field shoots.
  • We record our data to flash memory for the highest possible picture and sound quality.
  • We can simultaneously record material to HD digital tape for back-up and archive purposes.
  • Our supply of ancillary field equipment includes…
    • Fluid head tripod
    • Wireless lavaliere systems with Countryman microphone(s)
    • Oktava and Audio-Technica shotgun microphone(s)
    • LCD field monitors
    • Headsets
  • We offer computerized teleprompting as well as our paper based “easy prompter” teleprompter system.
  • In addition to the quartz “hot light” kits specified, we also arrive ready to acquire on-site with a full compliment of battery powered LED studio lights, thus eliminating the trip hazard of power cables or any necessity for AC power.
  • Our field multi-camera switching capabilities are flag shipped by our Newtek Tricasters. These units are unique because of not only the outstanding quality of signal handling and recording, but also our ability to offer Virtual Sets, a total green screen environment.