After the video has been recorded our job has just begun. A lot goes into post-production and we are a full service videography company; we will take care of the scripting, voiceovers, on screen video graphics, and content creation.

Our Post Production solutions are quite advanced. We have spent all of this new century structuring and implementing the technology within our facility. It is all based on customers requests and needs. Of our 5 editing solutions, we include:

  • The BOXX RTX-8400. This is an 8 core computer with 2 – 4.5 TB hot-swappable RAID arrays inside and taking full advantage of some proprietary additional hardware modifications.
  • Our workflow is managed by Newtek SE 2.0 offering format agnostic editing. This not only allows for an unlimited mixing of source material types, formats and sizes; but an ability to  output finished product to any format from 4k movie files to cell phone video and everything in between, totally based on customer need.

To further augment our efforts in Post Production:

  • We offer two i7 based 12 core computers with there own dual raids each and utilizing Adobe’s full Creative Suite.
  • We also have a flypack version of this as well as a flypack Newtek VT 4.6 which can handle up to 24 cameras simultaniously.
  • We maintain any needed duplication and distribution equipment within our own studios and labs. This is one of the very few full service production companies in Atlantic County able to offer this level of broadcast transfer services to advertising agencies and producers.
  • We utilize Sony branded BetaCam-Sp tape stock when that format deliverable is specified.
  • We utilize Panasonic name brand DVC-Pro tape stock when that format is required. Our supply of DVD disc blank stock is in the form of Verbatim DVD-R; an industry high standard choice based on its unprecedented reliability.
  • Our equipment arrives on-time, via reliable transportation and is maintained to exceed expectations!
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